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How To Make Your Assisted Living Facility Room Both Functional And Beautiful

When you move into an assisted living facility, don't forget to bring your sense of design with you. By planning ahead, you can turn your new home into a place of comfort and beauty. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Be careful what you bring. While it may seem like bringing a bunch of your favorite items is a good idea, it isn't. A smaller room (or apartment) can feel cluttered so quickly. Be very selective when you are packing. It may be painful to get rid of items, but you will be much happier if your belongings fit in your space. Marie Kondo recommends that you only keep the items that spark joy. Make a list of the things you know you want and go from there. 

2. Use your space wisely. There are lots of websites that give tips for living in small spaces. You can:

  • Go high by getting taller bookshelves (as long as you can reach things comfortably)
  • Utilize the space under your bed 
  • Get multi-use furniture, like an end table or coffee table that has drawers underneath
  • Add shelves above the bathroom door for decorations or other items you don't use very often 
  • Make sure your closet has plenty of shelves, hangers, and containers

3. Add color. It will make a potentially sterile-feeling room "homey." While you may not be allowed to paint, there are lots of other ways you can bring in color. You can add:

  • colorful drapes
  • textured area rugs
  • bright flowers and plants
  • bold throw pillows
  • stick-on decals or wallpapers 

You can even chose distinct colors and patterns for different areas of the same room. Your "bedroom" could be a teal and white bedspread with matching pillows while your "living room" could be gray and yellow. You will want the colors to complement each other, though, so the room has a united feel. 

4. Separate your spaces. Group furniture together to create separate areas. You can also use screens, large plants, shelving, room dividers, hanging fabric, and free-standing mirrors. This will help your room feel more "homey," as well as give you more privacy in your personal areas. 

5. Keep it organized. Get in the habit of putting everything away immediately. Your room will feel larger if all of your surfaces stay clear.

Really take the time to make your new home look and feel the way you want it to. You will spend a lot of time in there, so make it beautiful, comfortable and inviting. Good luck!