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How To Pay For Home Health Care When You're On Low Income

Home health care costs can vary depending on who provides the service and which services you require. Unfortunately, it's not always possible for someone to afford all the care they need. However, you have options, many of them actually. Here are a few ways you can pay for your home health care.

Take Advantage of Public Programs

The government is the first place to look for help paying for home health care. All the traditional programs are available for most people, but they require some research.

Medicare – Medicare requirements and coverage can change depending on the type (A, B, or C)

Medicaid and CHIP – Medicaid typically covers those with lower income

PACE – PACE benefits combine both Medicaid and Medicare services for the elderly

VA Benefits – VA Benefits are for veterans, their dependents, and survivors

Federal benefits aren't always the easiest to figure out. They also have very strict rules regarding how you can use them. But sometimes, they can pay for most, if not all, of your home health care. In some other cases, they can at least cover some of your care. These options are important as you can usually combine them with private and personal funding methods.

Shop for Private Insurance

Sometimes your private health insurance can cover your home health care. Some plans may specifically have home health care as an offered service. You can also purchase additional insurance for health care, including home health care. The advent of the Health Insurance Marketplace has made it easier for many to find coverage they can afford.

Unfortunately, you may not have insurance to cover your care, or you cannot afford new insurance for that purpose. You still have the public option, and there's still a possibility that you can receive help in other ways.

Leaning on Your Community

It varies from place to place, but it's possible there are state and even local programs available for you. These types of things will require you to ask questions and do research, as they can exist in any number of ways.

For example, many religious institutions will collect donations or they may already have help available for those in need. Numerous non-profits and other organizations exist to help people that need health care in any capacity. There are community programs and other resources out there.

Speak With a Home Health Agency

When looking for home health services, make sure that you speak with the agency. They're accustomed to dealing with various payment schemes and services. In fact, a good service may even help you find the funding you need. They often know about local or state programs that can help.

So even if you don't think you can afford all the services you need, don't give up. Speak to a home health agency about your situation. To learn more, speak with a business like The Village At Morrisons Cove.