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4 Tips For Making An Assisted Living Facility More Comfortable For Your Loved One

Putting your loved one in an assisted living facility can be a wrenching decision, because you are moving him or her out of an area where he or she is the most comfortable. However, there are ways to make their new room or apartment comfortable as well. Follow these four tips for making a senior living facility more comfortable and enjoyable for your loved one.

1. Only Bring Favorite Items

When you're deciding what to pack, make sure that you only bring your elderly relative's favorite belongings. There isn't going to be a ton of room, and you need to make sure that you don't clutter up the apartment or else you increase the risk of a senior falling. Help your elderly relative make a list of the things that he or she would like to bring, taking into account the dimensions of the room or apartment. You can even pull out graph paper and chart the room out so that you can be sure everything will fit.

2. Make as Much Storage Space as Possible

You're going to need to make the most of the room by creating as much storage space as possible. When you're deciding what to bring, try to pick items that will also double as storage space, such as an ottoman that you can use as a footrest or a place to store books, pillows, or other frequently used items. Making sure that your loved one has enough places to put items will make the room or apartment feel more like a home.

3. Try To Design the Room to Mimic the Family Home

When you're placing furniture in their room at an assisted living center, do whatever you can to make sure that you place furniture in locations that mimic its original location in the family home. This will help your loved one feel more comfortable in the space and bring back memories of the home.

4. Bring Blankets

You want to make sure that your loved one has a wide array of blankets to choose from. As people get older, they tend to be able to tolerate the cold less easily and will need a blanket for extra warmth. If your loved one has a lot of blankets to choose from, he or she will be able to feel that he or she has some control over warmth and style.

For more information or ideas, talk to an assisted living facility.