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Assisted Living Facilities: When You Can No Longer Care For Your Spouse Alone

Unfortunately, there may come a time when you can no longer care for your spouse adequately. This could be due to medical needs of your partner, memory issues, or you just do not have the physical ability to help him or her with the routine tasks he or she can no longer do alone, such as bathing, dressing or using the bathroom. You may be able to take care of yourself but cannot do it for your spouse anymore. This is a good time to look into an assisted living facility for the two of you. There are many benefits to this arrangement for both of you, and it will keep you together.  

Medical Help

If your spouse has special medical needs, such as a catheter, special dietary needs, or just needs help managing his or her medications, the personnel in assisted living facilities will take care of this for you. While your spouse will not have around-the-clock medical attention, they are there to help with issues that have just gotten beyond your capabilities. You may have been able to take care of everything a few months ago, but now find these simple things are taking you too long to accomplish, or are just too physically demanding on you.

Social Activities

Assisted living facilities offer a number of social activities for its residents. You may participate in an exercise class, learn to knit, crochet or paint, or play board or card games with other residents. In addition, they provide transportation to and from events happening outside the facility and to local shopping centers and attractions. You and your spouse can keep the same active lifestyle you have always had.

Daily Help

The personnel in the facility can help keep your suite clean and neat, bring your meals to you, and help with bathing and other personal care needs. The staff can arrange for a haircut, style or color if needed as well. It is often the tasks people did for themselves on a daily basis that is taken care of for you when in an assisted living facility.

Of course, one of the best advantages to living in an assisted living facility (such as Casa De Palomas) is being able to stay together while having your alone time. Basically, it would be as if you had a home health aide come to the house to help with things daily. However, you won't have to worry about taking care of the house, or paying someone to do it. You are not restricted to staying at the facility, and can go out with friends or family, or just the two of you, as you please.