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Why You Should Invest In A Platform Swing For Special Needs Rehab And Therapy

When you are in charge of rehabilitation and therapy at an assisted living facility or nursing home, there are a few reasons you should invest in a platform swing for special needs patients. Special needs individuals of all ages can benefit both emotionally and physically from the stimulation of a platform swing. So if you weren't aware of swings or hadn't considered how your patients could benefit from using one, you need to know what a platform swing can do for your facility.

Valuable Fun and Therapy

For patients that have special needs or neurodegenerative illness of any age, using a platform swing is stimulating for both the emotions and the senses. Swinging is a popular therapeutic tool for these patients, because it allows a special needs person to practice postural control, motor planning, balance, and strength training techniques. Patients with vestibular diseases, or ones that suffer from perceptual problems and balance issues, can also benefit from the stimulation of swinging therapy due to the balance training and postural rehabilitation it offers.

Though swinging therapy is a tool that's often used for children that have special needs or are autistic, platform swings are a valuable therapeutic tool that can be used by people of all disabilities and ages. And because swinging is a pastime that almost anyone can appreciate, investing in one for rehabilitation and therapy in your facility is a great tool for enhancing the mood and confidence of your patients.

Platforms Help Everyone

Platform swings come in all shapes and sizes, from ones that hold small children to those that can carry an adult or a patient on a wheelchair. Though platform swings often require a large frame to operate safely, frames can be set up both indoors or outside and they can be broken down to be moved as necessary. Some platform swings also provide the option of suspending the unit from the ceiling, where the swing hangs from a single disc that allows the therapist optimal interaction and increased control during patient usage. A platform swing for any age includes soft edges, for safety, and removable underlay or carpeting that can be easily sanitized and washed. If you have a range of ages and patients, you may consider investing in a swing for both pediatric usage and one for adults, though, because the rope distance, seating space, and weight limits should always be followed when swinging for therapy.

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