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Qualities To Look For In A Great Nursing Home

Nursing homes vary greatly in the quality of care provided, and there are many things that you can't tell from a precursory glance at the facility's amenities. In order to find the perfect nursing home, you will need to pay attention to the details and be sure that your facility will make an effort to provide a great environment for your loved one. Here are some of the features to look for in a well-equipped, quality nursing home. 


The facility's staff play a huge role in the quality of a nursing home. Be sure to meet with many staff members and see how they interact with the current residents. If possible, talk with current residents to see what kinds of relationships they have been able to make with the staff; if residents can't point out a staff member they're close to, this could be a sign of high employee turnover. Many different staff members will have an effect on your loved one, so be sure to meet with program directors, caretakers, and activity coordinators to make sure the whole team carries the same mission. 

Social Environment

Social isolation can be detrimental in a nursing home, so be sure to look around to see whether residents are out and about or tucked away in their rooms. A great nursing home should have a lively planned events calendar, where residents can choose from several activities per day to give them some social interaction. 


Aside from making sure that the facility is safe and attentive, another feature of a great nursing home is that it provides comfort to residents. Although there are no set guidelines on how to judge this, you should look around to make sure that the environment is pleasant. Even something as simple as giving residents choices, from the food they eat to the temperature of their thermostats, can show that the nursing home facility is dedicated to maintaining a comfortable home environment in the nursing home. Decor is also important for providing comfort; start looking for attractive decoration from the moment you walk in.

Finding the right nursing home can take a lot of research, since it's critical to visit each place in person to determine the quality of life. By paying attention to these factors on your visits and in your research, you can start to narrow down your options and locate a quality nursing home. 

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