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Do You Care About An Alzheimer's Caregiver? Give Them One Of These Special Gifts To Make Their Day!

Many people who act as Alzheimer's caregivers will be the first to tell you that the job can be challenging and thankless. Whether the caregiver lives with the patient full time or they only visit them regularly in an nursing home facility, it is important to acknowledge that caregiving is a tough job. There is no better way to recognize all the work that an Alzheimer's caregiver does than to give them a special gift. Here are the two perfect gifts for Alzheimer's caregivers today. 

Gifts to Pass the Time

One of the more difficult aspects of being an Alzheimer's care professional is that there will be many hours spent simply watching the patient. Alzheimer's sufferers can't be left alone at any hour, as they may try to leave their home and get lost. The patient may try to do physical tasks that they're no longer capable of doing because they don't recall being injured or disabled.

This need for constant supervision means many boring hours for the caregiver to fill, especially the times when the patient is napping. Consider a gift that will help the caregiver pass that time pleasurably. 

A tablet device, especially a digital reader, can be the perfect gift. The caregiver will have thousands of books instantly at their disposal this way. This type of device can also be great for streaming video and playing games, so make sure to include a set of earbuds so the caregiver can avoid disturbing their patient with the noise. This type of device allows the caregiver to be right there with the patient while having something to fill the hours.

The Actual Gift of Time

Burnout is very common among Alzheimer's caregivers. A caregiver may become angry, bitter, socially withdrawn, and simply exhausted with the burden of care. A simple break -- even if only for a day or part of a day -- can make a big difference for a caregiver. This means that time can be an incredible gift. Offer to stay with the Alzheimer's patient for a day, or half a day. 

The gift of time may be more valuable to an Alzheimer's caregiver than nearly anything else. The caregiver may have been unable to go out to lunch, catch a new movie, or simply take a bubble bath in a very long time. By taking over their duties for a day, you give the caregiver the chance to get a much-deserved break, and they will be extremely grateful for it.

Alzheimer's disease can have a devastating impact on the victims, but it can be very difficult for the caregivers, as well. Show an Alzheimer's caregiver that you care by giving them one of the two gifts above.