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Is Rehab Care Worth The Investment Of Time And Money?

Rehab care is often recommended after certain injuries, illnesses, and surgeries. The purpose of rehab care is to facilitate healing and maximize your ability to use the areas of your body that were injured. 

Depending on the specific illness, injury, or need, you may require one or more of the following.

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Neurological or cognitive rehabilitation
  • Cardiac rehabilitation

Patients in need of extensive rehabilitative care may fare better in an around-the-clock facility for part or all the rehab process. Others may be able to manage their care needs on an outpatient basis or receive in-home rehabilitative care. No matter what kind of injury or illness you are dealing with, rehabilitation will help you do the following:

Maintain Your Independence

Maintaining as much independence as possible is important for your mental and physical health. Even if your condition impairs some of your mobility, the more you can regain and use your range of motion and physical mobility, the better it will be for your state of mind and physical condition. Doing so will also increase the chances that you will be able to return to or remain in an independent living situation.

Minimize Any Long-Term Pain

For those who experience pain when performing certain movements, rehab care can be instrumental in minimizing the pain you experience. For instance, if you're recovering from a rotator cuff injury or knee surgery, rehab care can help you rebuild your lost range of motion so that you'll hurt less when performing those movements in the future. That doesn't mean that rehab care is painless. You may experience a fair amount of discomfort in the process. The point is that even though you may experience some pain today while going through the rehab process, it can prevent greater and longer-lasting pain in your future.

Maximize Your Quality of Life

The more easily you can move and the less pain you feel, the better your quality of life will be. It's as simple as that. Movement limited by pain, disability, etc. will diminish the quality-of-life people experience. Effective rehab care can help you achieve your best state of health while helping to prevent further deterioration that may rob you of your enjoyment of life.

Reduce Your Risk of Re-Injury

Perhaps the most important and often overlooked reason to consider rehab care is to learn how to move in a manner that helps you avoid increasing the damage of an existing injury or reinjuring or causing new injuries to yourself.